Daily Promotions


Bingo Metropoli’s daily spin wheel is an ongoing promotion, allowing players to increase the value of their deposits by winning Cash or Bonus prizes!

Each day that you deposit, you’re eligible to spin the wheel! Prizes available to players are:

  • £5 Bonus
  • £10 Bonus
  • £25 Bonus
  • £5 Cash
  • £10 Cash
  • £25 CASH!

New to Bingo Metropoli? While you’re trying out the site, we’re happy to let you have a few free spins on us! Each new player will have 48 hours from sign up to spin the wheel, once daily, to earn any of the above prizes!

To visit our spin wheel, launch our Promo App by clicking “?” inside the bingo room and selecting “promotions”.

All that’s left to do after spinning, is deciding how to bet your winnings!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Spin wheel “Daily Deposit” period is from 00:00 GMT to 23:59 GMT daily
  • Wheel is available to spin once per day, per player, within the “daily deposit” period.
  • There is on occasion up to 30 minutes of lag time between registration/deposit and activation of the spin wheel. If your wait time exceeds 30 minutes, please contact support through the help desk
  • Requirements for spin wheel vary, based on player status:
  • For depositing players:
    • Depositing players must deposit a minimum of £10 cash into the system in order to activate the wheel on any day.
    • Players are eligible after their first daily deposit. Players can receive only one spin per day.
    • Players must spin the wheel prior to the end of the Daily Deposit Period (23:59 GMT), or they forfeit their spin for that day. 
    • Due to the potential 30 minute lag time, deposits made between 23:30GMT and 23:59GMT may fail to activate the wheel prior to the end of the Daily Deposit Period, and eligibility will be lost. Please take this into account when timing your deposits.
  • Newly registered  players:
    • Players who have newly registered to the site will be given 48 hours in which to spin the wheel, without depositing, to earn prizes.
    • Players will receive one spin per Daily Deposit period
    • Any cash or bonus won through the spin wheel will be held under the terms and conditions agreed to upon registering for the site.
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