It’s hard to believe there is only one month left until the holiday season begins again!

Get ready for the holiday rush with a Bingo Tournament featuring £400 in prizes. That’s sure to help with your shopping! Join us in the Money Tree room from November 16 - 30  where our “Holiday Countdown” games will play on the half hour between 6pm and 12am!

The top 5 winners in the tournament will share £400 in prizes as follows:

  • 1st place: £150
  • 2nd place: £100
  • 3rd place: £50 & £25 bonus
  • 4th place: £25 & £25 bonus
  • 5th place:  £25 bonus

Start the countdown clock and get into the holiday spirit in Money Tree from November 16 - 30th!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion Period will Run 00:00 GMT November 16 to 23:59 GMT November 30, 2017. “Holiday Countdown” Games will play daily in Money Tree between 6pm & midnight on the half hour.
  • The cost for each game will be £0.35/ticket cash. Game format is 75-ball, 2-part game.
  • Players will be awarded points based on game part win. Points will be recorded in the Tournament Leader board located on the promotions menu.
  • Players can access the promotions menu by clicking “?” inside the bingo client and selecting “promotions”.
  • To be eligible for final prizes, players must deposit and wager a minimum of £20 during the promotional period.
  • Leader boards display standings based on bingo activity only. Leader boards are NOT indicative of player eligibility. Players must still qualify by meeting all eligibility parameters. Do not assume you have qualified because you are on a leader board Players in top 5 places will split £400 in prizes (1st place wins £150 cash, 2nd place wins £100 cash, 3rd place wins £50 cash & 25 bonus, 4th place wins £25 cash & 25 bonus and 5th place wins 25 bonus.) In the event that two players tie the prize values will be added together and split between each player.
  • Only players with bonus enabled on their accounts are eligible for the bonus portion of any prize.
  • Linked Up
  • Four Leaf Clover PJP
  • Bingo Bounty
  • Supersize
  • Speedy Win PJP
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