Even though Easter is over the Easter bunny is still hopping around and stirring up our prime time bingo prizes.

Join us in Money Tree from April 2nd-22nd for our Hop, Skip, Jump games with the famous rabbit ears pattern! Games will play from 8-11 PM on the half hour and the prize hops between £5 and £25.

Games will cost £0.30 cash only Don’t forget to pre purchase now!


Terms & Conditions:

  • Promotion period runs from 2 April, 00:00 GMT to 22 April 23:59 GMT  2018.
  • Games are 1-part 75-ball, cash only. Ticket costs 30p BOGO available at buy 10, get 2 free tickets
  • Pattern will be Rabbit Ears
  • Pre purchase is available on all promotion games
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  • Four Leaf Clover PJP
  • Bingo Bounty
  • Supersize
  • Piggy Bank
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