Join us 4 times a day for the Must Win Monthly Jackpot game!

Starting on the first of the month, this €300 minimum jackpot is guaranteed to be won by 11:59pm on the final day of the month!
Starting off at 53 calls, the jackpot will increase every 3 days. If the jackpot has not been won by the final game, we’ll increase the number of calls to 75 to guarantee someone will take home the prize!

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion period runs 00:00 June 1st - 23:59 June 30th 2014
  • Must Win Monthly jackpot games will play at the following times (CET): 2:22am, 3:22am, 7:22am, 11:22
  • Games will begin with a jackpot of €300 to be won in 53 calls. Number of calls until won will increase every 3 days until the end of the promotion
  • If Jackpot is not won by 10:15pm game on December 31st, number of calls until won will be set to 75, in order to guarantee jackpot winner.
  • If jackpot is won prior to final game, game will continue playing without jackpot until the next period
  • Games will be cash only, €0.50/ticket
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Unless otherwise explicitly stated, casino game top prizes and/or Progressive Jackpots are awarded only when maximum is wagered. This is not always indicated on the individual casino game interface.