The warm breeze and summer sun are fast approaching and we can hardly wait! It has been a long winter and spring but we ready to celebrate in the warmth as im sure you all are as well!

This year we want to help lucky players start their summer countdown early through our Summers Coming Holiday Promo! On May 31st, we’re hosting a £1000 final prize game in Money Tree!  And you can win free tickets to this game all month long!

Tickets for the qualifier game will be  €2 for 3 and the winners of the “Summers Coming – Qualifier” games will win 1 free ticket into the “Summers Coming” Bingo Game on May 31st at 21:30 GMT

Summer will come fast so don't miss this opportunity to start your summer 2018 on a richer foot!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion Period runs 00:00 GMT May 3rd to 23:59 GMT May 31st.  “Summers Coming– Qualifier” games will play on the half hour between 6pm – 12am GMT in the Money Tree Room between May 3 & May 30.
  • Game will be one part, 75-ball cover all format. Tickets will be €2 for 3 tickets, cash only; pre purchase will be available.
  • Game prize will be fixed at €10. Winners of the “Summers Coming– Qualifier” games will win 1 free ticket into the “Summers Coming” Final Bingo Game on May 31st at 21:30 GMT. “Summers Coming”  Final Bingo Game will be available for pre purchase prior to game date.
  • Tickets will cost €5 each, cash only. “Summers Coming” Final Bingo Game will be two part, 75-ball format and will pay a total of €1,000 in prize money."
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